OSTEOPATHY works with the structure and function of the body. An osteopath works to bring your body into a state of balance so bones, muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments are in harmony. It can be an effective treatment for back, neck, shoulder, leg, arm, nerve, hand, wrist, foot, and other pain. Also minor sports injuries, headaches, sciatica, musculoskeletal disorders, accidents, whiplash, stiffness, disc problems, alignment issues and many other conditions. It is suitable for young and old. An initial consultation involves taking a full medical history and then discussing a treatment plan suitable for the patient before proceeding. Many different techniques may be used, the patients comfort being of prime importance. Treatment may involve stretching, therapeutic massage, manipulation and the mobilization of muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves to ease pain, stiffness, and inflammation. It can be used for both acute and chronic conditions, and also as a preventative measure. Helpful advice on posture and corrective exercises may be given. It is useful to bring any relevant x-ray or MRI results to a session.

VISCERAL osteopathy encompasses the treatment of the viscera (eg stomach and intestines) and can be useful for IBS, bloating, indigestion, constipation and may be
accompanied by the use of osteopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine.

shutterstock_146971178CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY and CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY are gentle and calming treatments using the cranial rhythm and cellular memory to enable the body to heal. They are often used for babies and children, however, they are suitable for all ages. A cranial lesion in young children left uncorrected, may lead to structural problems in later life. ‘As the twig is bent so the tree grows‘. They can be an effective treatment for pain, post operation issues, post illness, emotional and physical trauma, fatigue, headaches, stress induced conditions, and more.

NUTRITION and HERBAL MEDICINE Nutrition is the foundation of good health. Without the required nutrients, we can impair the proper functioning of our body and maybe cause ourselves harm. The use of nutritional supplements along with herbal medicine can be both preventative as well as therapeutic. These can be scientifically researched or based on traditional remedies; useful for digestive problems, IBS, women’s health, sports medicine, well being, immune function, cholesterol, healthy circulation, colds, skin problems, and weight control to name a few.

Heather also advocates a healthy lifestyle and diet.

HEALING can be used to balance the aura and chakras, and is a good complement to the above therapies and conditions mentioned. It may involve cleansing and repairing the aura, and removing any negative influences.
It is usually calming and many people feel uplifted afterwards.

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I was highly recommended to Heather several years ago by a close friend and from the moment I spoke to Heather I was instantly reassured and put at ease. After my first session  I felt completely relaxed, positive and hopeful. I still  continue to see Heather as a cranial osteopath and a healer . I have seen many osteopaths  and healers over the years prior  to meeting Heather and I can genuinely say I feel blessed to have found someone who is a diamond. She is passionate about helping others, professional, thorough, integral, wise, highly intuitive, and compassionate and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I have had treatments with Heather Loft over the last 18 months.  I am an actress, but I began my career as a dancer with The Royal Ballet school and was dancing rigorously from the age of 3. Needless to say my back, neck and ankles are a bit of a mess! Since I have been treated by Heather I have had a marked  improvement and now I can manage so much better. She is a remarkable practitioner and I would say also she definitely has healing hands and therefore recommend her to anyone with similar problems, I think she is brilliant.

Fulham Osteopath & Healing Clinic
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