Heather Ankara Loft is a spiritual healer with a natural ability. She regards all her clients as unique and modifies her healing treatments with a warm friendly manner to encompass their special needs.

She originally trained in the ancient art of Egyptian healing with an Egyptian healer in Australia and has also worked with a Maori tohunga (medicine man) in New Zealand where she grew up. In the UK she trained at the College of Psychic Studies for her healing accreditation and is a member of UK Healers. She studied spirit release with Sue Allen at The College of Psychic Studies and The Spirit Release Foundation. She has had an article published in Soul and Spirit magazine regarding her work.

She channels positive energy through her hands and connects with higher realms to enable your own self healing capacity to be activated. In other words she acts as a catalyst. She is a ‘sensitive’ and senses metaphysical energies.

shutterstock_146971178HEALING has been known since ancient times and is not associated with any religious beliefs. It is safe and the client is made to feel secure and comfortable. It has been known to restore balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Heather may use healing on its own or complement with her other therapies eg craniosacral, visceral osteopathy, herbal medicine or give nutritional advice. She may work through your aura or place her hands on your body. She works with a wide variety of physical, emotional and energetic conditions. Healing may be for a specific condition or ailment or for an overall sense of wellbeing and may entail energising your chakras and removing any negative energy. Heather will give you advice on how to keep your energy balanced and protected. This will be tailored to your individual requirement and varies from person to person.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING/LIFE ENHANCEMENT Heather helps one to realise their own individual potential with assistance from divine energies but with a practical approach. Attention and healing may be given to any blockages to help you move forward with greater ease and wellbeing. She combines different tools and techniques to achieve this, including self help techniques. Blockages may be due to various reasons including life trauma, family and relationship problems, ancestral patterns, loss of identity, aura damage or imbalance, grief, lack of confidence and drive, emotional wounds, difficulty in getting over a life event, self sabotage, fears and others.

CORDINGS are metaphysical lines of energy connecting us to others. They are often positive, for instance in a loving relationship between a mother and a child, or between partners in a healthy relationship. However if negative they can be detrimental and may cause pain or illness. Some are unintentional and others are intentional and can be associated with undesirable thoughts or emotions and need to be cut and cleansed. Heather will locate the cords and work with the energy before removing them. She will advise you on how to protect yourself against this happening in the future.

CHAKRA BALANCING encompasses the balancing of the seven main chakras being the crown, brow, throat, solar plexus, sacral, and the base. They relate to associated physical areas, conditions and emotions eg. throat chakra issues may relate to tonsils/tonsillitis/fear of speaking out/’I have a frog in my throat’. The aim of treatment is to cleanse, energise and repair the chakras releasing any blockages promoting optimum health on a physical, emotional, mental or metaphysical level. The chakras are akin to transmitting and receiving stations with energy moving in and out of the body. When a particular chakra is blocked this in turn may cause a blockage in another chakra.

SPIRIT ATTACHMENT An attached spirit may be discovered during a session. These may cause an emotional or physical imbalance. They are often lost or confused and need to be released to a higher dimension. There are many reasons for a soul being stuck on this dimension. They may be connected to vows, contracts, or curses which can be negated or not want to leave their loved ones or their home. Western society normally does not give attention to the fact that a soul needs to pass over for its continuing soul journey, therefore it may not be the expectation of a friend or relative to leave this earth dimension after dying. They often do not know why those in a close relationship while living do not acknowledge them anymore. Heather can assist a soul/s to leave to a higher dimension.

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